Endsars protest project topics and materials

Explore collections of project topics and materials in the areas of Endsars protest. Endsars protest in Nigeria is a current event and phenomeno that needed scholarly attentions for academic researchers and final year students in Nigeria

CodesList Of Endsars Protest Project Topics & material
Project S/NProject Topics and materials
1Assessment Of Police Brutality And Human Right Abuses In Nigeria. A Study Of Endsars Protest
2Psychological Effect Of Endsars Protest On Officers Of The Nigeria Police Force
3The Role Of Twitter As A Tool For Political Education A Study Of Endsars
4The Role Of Mass Media In The Fight Against Police Brutality
5Newspapers Coverage Of Endsars Protest In Nigeria. A Study Of Selected Newspaper
6The Socio-Economic Effect Of Endsars Protest In Nigeria Economy
7The Effect Of Endsars Protest On Small And Medium Scale Scale Enterprise In Nigeria
8The Impact Of Hashtag Activism In Nigeria: A Study Of #Endsars Campaign
9 Socio-Economic Status And Its Impact On Protest Participation In Nigeria. A Study Of Endsars