The study presented the differences of performances between students in rural and urban areas. Rural and urban schools are characterized by its unique strength and weaknesses. “Rural and urban schools are much the same when it comes to resources and learning environments” (EQR, 2003, p.45). Yet there are many variables that affect students’ achievement and those variables are directly related to whether a school is considered a rural or an urban school. Some factors that contribute to the gap performances between students in these two areas were determined and also recommendations in order to overcome this problem were suggested. Although some recommendations have been highlighted, solutions might not be easy for them. The suggestions for improving the performance among rural students is that they must understand their environment properly, and maintain their inner resources like self-efficacy and self-esteem. From this study we can conclude that, there have differences between students performance in rural and urban schools. Students that lives in urban area will get high performance excel opportunities provided by their location. Urban students have greater access to many resources and therefore have opportunities that are not easily accessible to rural students. Besides that urban parents were more professional and they realize the advantage of education. Parents of rural students were less likely to expect their children to advance their education. From the comparison of this study we can know what the differences between rural and urban schools are.