The Relevance of African Traditional Religion in this Modern Age: Scholars Perspectives


The Relevance of African Traditional Religion in this Modern Age: Scholars Perspectives


African traditional religion refers to the indigenous or autochthonous religion of the African people. It deals with their cosmology, ritual practices, symbols, arts, society and so on .because religion is a way of life, it relates to culture and society as they affect the worldview of the African people.


  1. Traditional African diviners are one of the best keepers of history and culture for Africans, academic, researchers, writers and general seekers of knowledge in the world over.
  2. The African tradition entails the world view that has collectively sustained, enriched and given meaning to a continent and numerous other societies for centuries through it are epistemology, metaphysics, history, and the practices.
  3. Cultism: the cultists groups usually known for their sovereignty in terrorism and their immortality, having the ability to appear and time’s metals could do them no harm. All this powers are acquired from juju, to carry out dubious operations.
  4. security: most Africans particularly Nigerian farmers especially plantation farmers and that of yams, cassava etc. and the nomadic farmers in Africa mostly apply charms of adverse actions to any that may try to steal their products, most of this charms are been collected from juju.
  5. Good and evil: in A.T.R evil includes both the physical and moral evils. God is the one who brings forth good, while human causes evil to themselves and others. Evil concerns any misfortune that befell an individual or community or any voluntary anti social behavior or any infringement of the decrees of God, the deities or ancestors. Evil is generally interpreted as the work of evil spirits, witches, sorcerers, or evil eyes, broken taboos, oaths or even the deities or ancestors.
  6. When certain traditional cosmic and spirit powers and forces rules and regulations enshrined manifests, man is aware that many things do wrong and not all his expectations and needs are always met, consequently, there must be something wrong. Things can be corrected through reconciliation, restoration and the making of peace, therefore cosmic and spiritual harmony can be restored through the practice of sacrifices, offerings/gifts and even taboos etc
  7. African traditional religion protocols is Still inevitable rules, doctrines, norms and customs that are referred to in the enthronement of African traditional rulers even though the personality may be a Muslim or a Christian, but tradition must be observed
  8. Prior to the commitment of Africans in the traditional ceremonies and medications, it is obvious that Christianity and Islam co-exists harmoniously with traditional African religion
  9. Most African Muslims and Christians still consult the traditional religion healers when someone is sick and participate in ceremonies to honor their ancestors 10. African traditional religion is still relevant in the sense that most Africans who adhere to Islam or Christianity also incorporates elements of indigenous African religion in to their lives, as most Africans still believe in the power of the jujus to protect them


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