Elements of Military Government

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Elements of Military Government

Military regimes that disregard the constitution want to dominate by decretal means. In contrast, military rule is characterized by a lack of the rule of law, equality before the law, and fundamental human rights.

During a military regime, the nation’s constitution will be suspended, the army will seize power, and the government will be ruled by force.


Military oppression is contagious like a sickness. This is because if colonels in one nation stage a coup to seize power, colonels in other nations would be inspired to carry out their own uprisings.

Simply said, a coup is when the military overthrows the established government. Coups and countercoups have occurred in Africa.


In contrast to a democratic system of government, officials in a military administration are not elected. As a result, they are not legitimately elected representatives of the people.

This indicates that political parties are nonexistent under military control. In contrast to civilian government, where voters choose their leader through elections, the people are not fairly represented under military control.


One of the army’s responsibilities after a military coup d’état is to prosecute any corrupt government employees as well as former politicians or leaders. The military hopes to recoup all funds that have been stolen from dishonest politicians as a result of these cases.



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