Standard Procedures fo the Appointment of Personnel into the Public Service


A person is systematically hired or engaged into the government service through an appointment. The following are the fundamental guidelines for hiring employees into the government workforce:


There must be a vacancy:

  • Retirement- vacancy may occur as a result of retirement of personnel in the public service.
  • Termination and dismissal- an officer appointment can be terminated as a result of problem in the organization.
  • Dismissal is also termination but as a result of error or misconduct an officer committed, he is not paid when dismissed from public service unlike termination.
  • Transfer- an officer can be transferred from one department to another, thereby giving room for vacancy.
  • Conversion- vacancy can occur when a personnel is being converted to another position.
  • Death- death of an officer can cause vacancy.
  • Resignation- an officer may resign willingly leading to vacancy in the public service.
  • Leave of absence- when an officer is on leave of absence the post becomes free leading to vacancy.
  • Abscondment- running away from a particular office or when you get a better job elsewhere. You can decide to leave without telling or informing the organization.


The position for the appointment must be advertised in the notice board of that particular organization or into two daily newspapers and the advert must be there for 21 days in other to create awareness for the people.


In the process of appointment, they must be application to be submitted by interested persons and after that names of qualified peoples will be shortlisted. These are basic rules to follow for the appointment of personnel into the public service.


The qualified and shortlisted are invited and interviewed. In the interview you may decide to conduct oral or written test. Mostly now, in the Nigeria federal service, after a candidate is shortlisted for an interview, he must first come for a written interview, if the interview was successful, he will be invited for oral interview. Oral interview is the last form of interview conducted for a person seeking employment in government institution.


The selected persons are offered appointment in writing and given a minimum of 21 days within which to accept the offer of appointment. When a person is successful in both written and oral interview, he will be shortlisted for employment immediately.


Those that accepted the offer will be documented. The documentation includes filing of files. Whenever a person is given an appointment in the public service, a new file will be open for the personnel, which will includes his letter of appointment, qualifications and other vital documents.


A particular date is being fixed to give orientation to the selected personnel; they are taken around the department to see how things are done. Orientation is a way of giving a personnel first hand information about the organization.


This is the act of placing personnel to different department were they are mostly needed. Employed personnel’s are deployed to work in different departments based on their skills and qualifications.